We're just getting started...


– Curate open content resource library,
– Gather hub-maker and ESO input, preferences and commitments, and
– Engage potential curators, partners and donors.


– Improve access effectiveness with search and diagnostic tools,
– Identify knowledge and resource needs, and
– Partner with content creators and contributors.


– Crowdsource knowledge, lessons, ideas and examples from our collective community.
– Targeted development and research.
– Foster a learning community.

Who we are
The Hub Collective is a community-powered learning and sharing platform that strengthens innovation and entrepreneurship support organizations. We are trainers, facilitators, coaches, enablers, practitioners, hub-makers and community-conveners who believe in the power of the collective to grow together. Check out our growing list of collective members here.
Why do we exist?
The aim of the Hub Collective is to support communities by curating, sharing, adapting and co-producing tools and resources. This shared repository of open-source data and resources, are developed, collected and curated by the community, enabling easy access to relevant lessons, tools and insights.

We are excited by the growing number of initiatives fostering innovation and entrepreneurship support. And, we are encouraged by research, reports, tools, templates, business models, insights and lessons, curricula, articles, podcasts, videos, platforms, etc. being developed and adapted by entrepreneurship support organisations. We ask ourselves, how can we better share this knowledge, experience and resources across sectors and organizations to create more impactful and sustainable initiatives?
Our approach
In November 2019, following the AfriLabs Annual Gathering, a group of hub-makers and entrepreneurship support organizations came together to explore ways to increase knowledge-sharing between hubs. With the objective of co-creating a shared space to facilitate increased exchange and learning, the group identified and discussed initial ideas and models for creating a learning community. The Hub Collective is an early-stage prototype of their collective ideas.