Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hub Collective?

In November 2019, following the AfriLabs Annual Gathering, a group of hub-makers and entrepreneurship support organizations came together to explore ways to increase knowledge-sharing between hubs. With the objective of co-creating a shared space to facilitate increased exchange and learning, the group identified and discussed initial ideas and models for creating a learning community. The Hub Collective is an early-stage prototype of their collective ideas.

How do I start using the Hub Collective?

We suggest starting with the hub analysis quiz. This helps in identifying your specific needs, and in suggesting relevant resources, tools, templates, etc. that are in-line with those needs. All content has been carefully curated and labelled for easy access.

What is the Hub Analysis?

The hub analysis tool is a quick questionnaire that you fill out, describing your hub and your needs in greater detail. No personal information is required to fill in the questionnaire, we merely use the information to suggest articles, tools and other items in the repository making your search easier and more focussed. The idea is to create an efficient search tool for you as a hub to use, saving time and being able to answer your query faster.

How can I join?

Joining the Hub Collective can be done on multiple levels. Help us test the prototype; give us your honest feedback and tell us what we can do better. Contribute to our growing content collection; we are actively seeking new resources, tools, templates, etc. Anything that we haven't already added to the hub collective is very welcome. Join us in developing the next phases and offerings of the Collective. This initiative is a truly collaborative effort, your input, support and effort is highly appreciated! 

In the near future, we will be looking for support in curating the content, developing better diagnostic and search tools, and identifying gaps in our content collection that need to be bridged -- these could either be co-created within the collective, or through content development specialists and partners.

How do I upload a resource?

Uploading resources is very much welcomed, and can be done by scrolling down on the home page to where it says 'uploading your resources'. Simply follow the step by step designed specifically for you.

What will happen to my data?

Your data will be safeguarded by our technology, and is compliant with the GDPR guidelines.

What is the hub forum?

The hub forum is currently an early stage idea. We hope to develop this further in the near future with members of the Collective. The idea is to create community spaces for hub-makers ESOs and others to engage, exchange and support each other through live conversations to different articles. At the same time, it will provide a podium for you as our user to provide feedback on the suggested articles allowing us to further develop our analysis tool to support your needs even better.

Report issues

If any issues in technology occur or you have any other questions or want to report an issue, please feel free to shoot us an email at