Gender Inclusion

Resources, tools and templates to help entrepreneurship support organizations to become more inclusive to women in their organization and programs.

Recognizing the commitment from ESOs to engage more women in the entrepreneurship space, our Gender Inclusion Library has been curated to provide ESOs with resources that can support growth across key areas: Organization, Sourcing Entrepreneurs, Programming, Ecosystem and Access to Finance. This is an initial showcase of resources that have been tested alongside a guided self-assessment tool, that enables ESOs to identify their current state of gender inclusivity. Our aspiration is to further develop and curate contextually relevant resources for ESOs — and link these to an in-depth
self-assessment to increase their gender inclusivity. If you'd like to be involved in the development of this initiative please contact us.

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Thank you to our partners 

This initial iteration of the library has been made possible through support fromThe Next Economy Program

We are grateful for the insights and lessons shared by Digital Opportunity Trust, Lake Hub, Impact Hub Khartoum and She Leads Africa. We would also like to thank colleagues at Anza, Boost Your Business, Savannah Innovation Labs, Simad iLab, and Westerwelle Arusha for their testing and feedback of the initial iteration of our Gender Self-Assessment Tool.

The Gender Inclusion Library is an initiative of Common Good Company, and is curated by Ani Cammack and Judith Hartl.